Eleventh Annual Conference on Economics and Security, 5-7th July 2007


Hosted by: EPS(UK), University of the West of England, Bristol.

Venue: Burwalls Hall, University of Bristol


Conference Programme




THURSDAY 5th  JULY: UWE, Frenchay Campus

18.00 Public Lecture:

·        Dr Derek Braddon, Director of Defence Economics Research Unit, UWE

“What Lies Beneath: Corporate Governance and Ownership in the Defence Industry”.



FRIDAY 6th JULY: Burwalls


Session 1: 09.30-11.00

·        Ron Smith, Birkbeck College: “International security and defence economics” Abstract Paper

·        John Paul Dunne, UWE:  “Economics of Peace, War and International Security” Abstract Paper

·        Eamon Surry, SIPRI, “An Estimate of the Value of Chinese Arms Production” Abstract Paper


Coffee: 11.00-11.30


Session II: 11.30-13.00

·        Aynur Alptekin and Paul Levine, University of Surrey “Inequality, Property Rights and Welfare” Abstract

·        Emmanuel Athanassiou, University of Athens. “The Threat of Violence, Agency Cost and Social Norms in a Moral Hazard Setting” Abstract

·        Barel Ronen, Kobi Kagan and Asher Tishler, Tel Aviv University, “Multi-Period vs. One-Period Budget Planning: Which is the Winner? Abstract


Lunch 13.00-14.00


Session III: 14.00 -15.30

·        Renaud Bellais, École Spéciale Militaire de St Cyr Coëtquidan, EADS Political Affairs France “Managing Defense Innovation through Constrained Budgets” Abstract

·        Andrew D James, PREST, Manchester Business School. “ Innovation and the Changing Defence Industrial Base” Abstract

·        Vasilis Zervos and Peter Swann, University of Nottingham Business School. “Innovation with Network Effects but without Open Standards in the Defense Industry” Abstract


Tea: 15.30-16.00


Session IV 16.00 -18.00

·        Sylvain Daffix and Yves Jacquin, Economic Observatory of Defence and University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, “Defence R&D and Defence Industrial Base: Some Statistics about the French Case” Abstract

·        Petter Stalenheim, SIPRI, “Military Expenditure” Abstract

·        Ron Smith and Ali Tasiran, Birkbeck College and Gothenburg University, “Estimating Arms Imports” Abstract

·        Sam Perlo-Freeman, UWE: “Determining Military Expenditures: Arms Races and Spillovers  Abstract Paper




18.00 Economists for Peace and Security (EPS) Reception



20.00 Conference Dinner at Muset



SATURDAY 7th JULY: Burwalls



Session V:  10.00-11.00

·        Ling Zhang, Feng Gao, Jianshe Zhou, and  Li Zeng, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha,China. “Theoretical Analysis and Quantitative Evaluation of the Influence of War on Investment” Abstract Paper

·        Na Hou, Birmingham University “Is there an India-Pakistan arms race?” Abstract


Coffee: 11.00-11.30


Session VI 11.30-13.00

·        E Wayne Nafziger, Kansas State “The Economics of Nigeria’s Chronic Deadly Political Violence” Abstract Paper

·        Freida Ibiduni M’Cormack, Institute of Development Studies, UK. “Building Peace and Security through Ex-combatant Reintegration in LiberiaAbstract

·        Enika Abazi, University ‘Aleksander MoisiuDurres, Albania, “Political Borders and Ethnic Boundaries: The prospects for political and economic integration in the Western Balkans”. Abstract


Lunch 13.00-14.00


Session VII 14.00-15.30

·        Jomana Amara and Ann Hendricks, Naval Postgraduate School and Boston University, “The Deferred Cost of War: Short and Long Term Impact of OEF/OIF on Veterans Health Care” Abstract

·        Luca Pieroni, Perugia & UWE: “How Strong is the Relationship between Defence Expenditure and Private Consumption? Evidence from the United StatesAbstract Paper

·        Paschalis Arvanitidis Christos Kollias Dimitrios Skouras, University of Thessaly. “Regional Economic Effects of Military Facilities: Preliminary Evidence on the Urban Housing Economy in the Case of a Medium Sized City in GreeceAbstract


Tea: 15.30-16.00


Session VIII 16.00-17.30

·        Thomas Jackson and Nicholas Marsh, International Peace Research Institute (PRIO), Oslo, “Counting the Guns: NISAT datasets on the global trade in small arms and light weapons” Abstract Paper

·        Jurgen Brauer, Peter Hall and  Stephan Markowski, Augusta State and University of New South Wales: “Firearms: Real ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction”-Industry Competition, Proliferation and Performance” Abstract



17.30 End of Conference