Accommodation in Bristol


Hotel Accommodation:


  • The accommodation at Burwalls is good and cheap, but the rooms are small and while they have wash basins they are not ensuite (though there is a generous supply of bathrooms).


  • There are also a number of hotels of varying prices –all more expensive than Burwalls- within walking distance, over the suspension bridge in Clifton.


  • Please contact the hotel directly to book and do so early as they do get booked up over the conference period.


·         We recommend the Rodney hotel, which is the closest reasonably priced hotel:


·         The Victoria Square is in fact the next closest.


·         The Westbourne is are a bit further away as are the other Clifton group hotels


·         If you want to splash out the closest, most spectacular and most expensive is the Avon Gorge Hotel



Hotels in Central Bristol


  • There are also a range of hotels in central Bristol, which include the major budget chains.




Hostels in central Bristol:

·         These cheaper options include:

o   Bristol YHA:

o   Bristol Backpackers:

o   Full Moon Backpackers Hostel: