Critical Political Economy 1

Semester 1: Monday 6-9pm

This course is offered as part of the MA in Political Economy at Middlesex University Business School.

Here is a brief course outline (LUNS)
Here is the course lecture outline and reading list (still subject to revision)

Lecture Notes in pdf format:

Lecture 1: Introduction to Critical Political Economy
Lecture 2: Value Theory
Lecture 3: The Transformation Problem
Lecture 4: Capital Accumulation
Lecture 5: The Labour Market and Production
Lecture 6: Crisis Theory (html and incomplete)
Lecture 7: State Theory
Lecture 8: Neo-Ricardian Economics
Lecture 9: Post Keynesian Economics
Lecture 10: Institutional Economics
Lecture 11: Postmodernism and Economics


Here are the assessed essay titles for 1999-2000: The deadline is 17th December
Here is a mock exam paper

Other Resources:

Here is a reading list from a course I ran at Leeds University. An updated version of this will form the core of this module.
Here are some references to Schools of Thought and controversies in macroeconomics: including Post-Keynesians.