Masters Programmes in the Department of Economics, UWE

Department of Economics,
Bristol Business School,
University of the West of England, Bristol

Research Methods 2

Module Leader: Paul Dunne
Lecturer: Paul Dunne

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  • Deadline for proposal: 16th February 2010.
  • Deadline for project: 6th of May, 2010.

  • Draft module handbook in pdf format is here

    1. Introduction
    2. Doing a disseration: Notes
    3. Research Methodology: Notes and readings
    4. Data Collection in Surveys, Questionnaires, Interviews: notes
    5. Session on using Stata: Welcome to Stata Introductory exercise
    6. Survey Methods: Notes Readings Exercises using RSA GHS
    7. Econometric Methods for Cross Section Data: Notes Exercise Data
    8. Econometric Methods and Surveys: Notes Readings and exercises as above
    9. Panel Data Methods: Notes Exercise Readings
    10. Student Project Presentations:


  • Project info here
  • Past exam paper here

  • Resources

  • Dissertation homepage here
  • A valuable resource on plagiarism and how to avoid it is here

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