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Arms Production and Trade in the Post Cold War Era

This research project focused on the the profound but poorly understood changes in the international security environment that had taken place since the end of the Cold War. This project aimed to undertake a set of tightly linked theoretical and empirical studies of the determinants of military expenditure ( which has fallen rapidly since the peak of the mid 1980s) and its effect on economic growth, of procurement and the regulation of the arms trade (both of which had become increasingly competitive), and of arms production (where the industry was being massively restructured). A combination of economic theory and empirical analysis using recent development in theory and econometrics provide a deeper understanding of the changes taking place and their policy implications.
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Main Investigators:
Links Paul Dunne: School of Economics, University of the West of England
Links Maria Garcia-Alonso: Department of Economics, University of Kent
Links Paul Levine: Department of Economics, University of Surrey
Links Ron Smith: Department of Economics, Birkbeck College, University of London

Links Economic and Social Research Council Ref: R00239388

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