Professor J Paul Dunne

Paul Dunne is Professor of Economics at the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town, a research associate of the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU), Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of the West of England Bristol

He is also editor, with Jurgen Brauer of the Economics of Peace and Security Journal and chair of Economists for Peace and Security (UK) and a Fellow of a Economists for Peace and Security (USA)

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Current Research Interests

Main area of research is the economics of peace and security although involved in research in other areas of areas of applied economics and econometrics including: industrial economics; marxist economics; macroeconometric modelling; analysis of large data sets; macroeconomic policy analysis; and structural change.


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Publications not on RepEc include:
  • Peace Economics: A Macroeconomic Primer for Violence-Afflicted States. 2012, US Institute of Peace, Washington. With Jurgen Brauer. ISBN: 978-1-60127-138-9 Available here
  • Report published by the Flemish Peace Institute Economic Impact of Military R&D. April 2008. With Derek Braddon. Available here
  • Report published by BASIC on The Real Cost Behind Trident Replacement and the Carriers here. With Sam Perlo-Freeman and Paul Ingram
  • Royal Economic Society Conference 2005 Session : The Economics of Conflict and War
  • Papers with Sam Perlo-Freeman prepared for Oxfam for their Control Arms campaign, 2003: The Impact of a Responsible Arms Control Policy on the UK Economy
    Bigger than the Sum of its Parts: Components and the Impact of a Responsible Arms Control Policy on the UK Economy
  • Paper on The Changing Economics of Security presented to the AHE Conference at UWE, July 2007 here
  • Paper with Sam Perlo-Freeman on The Opportunity Cost of Trident Replacement and the Aircraft Carriers Presented for CND to group of interested MPs, 26th Feb 2007 is here
  • Paper with Jurgen Brauer on The Economics of Arms Trade Offsets presented to the International Seminar on Defence, 13-15th November, 2006 New Delhi. here
  • Paper on Sector Futures: Defence Industry prepared with Cambridge Econometrics for European Monitoring Centre on Change here
  • " The Challenge of Armed Conflict", Copenhagen Consensus, 2012.
  • "The Costs of War/Terror to Industry" One Earth Future Foundation/ Economists for Peace and Security. With Jurgen Brauer.
  • "The Macroeconomics of Military Spending", US Institute for Peace. With Jurgen Brauer
  • Economic Impact of Military R&D. April 2008. Flemish Peace Institute With Derek Braddon.
  • ESRC funded project on Arms Production and Trade in the Post Cold War Era with Maria Garcia Alonso, Paul Levine and Ron Smith. Details here.
  • Leverhulme Trust funded project on Defence Industrial Restructuring, Conversion and Economic Growth in South Africa with Peter Batchelor. Details here.
  • Trade and Poverty Project with SALDRU, University of Cape Town. Details here.

    Teaching Interests and Materials

    * UCT: Economics of Conflict, War and Peace

    Previous courses
    * Chulalongkorn: Economics of Conflict, War, and Peace
    * UWE: MSc Economics Programme: Empirical Analysis
    * UWE: MSc Economics Programme: Applied Econometrics
    * UWE: MSc Economics Programme: Dissertation
    * UWE: MSc Economics Programme: Econometrics
    * UWE: MSc Finance Programme: Quantitative Research Methods
    * UWE: MSc Economics Programme: Research Methods 2
    * BUE: Developments in Macroeconomics
    * BUE: Econometric Modelling a
    * BUE: Econometric Modelling b: Applied Econometrics
    * BUE: Projects
    * BUE: Research Methods and Resources
    * UWE: MA/MSc Economics Programme: Economic Theory and Applications
    * UWE: International Managerial Economics
    * UWE: MA/MSc Economics Programme: Defence and Peace Economics
    * UWE: MA/MSc Economics Programme: Maths & Stats Preparatory Course
    * NIEP Econometrics training programme home page
    * UWE: MSc IBE Econometric Theory and Methods, 2003-4
    * UWE: Empirical Political Analysis Sessions
    * UWE: Using Time Series Econometrics: training course
    * Rough Guide to Economics: Sessions run for African Initiatives NGO
    * Critical Political Economy

    Some other info that may be of interest:
    * Here is a reading list for a course on the Economics of Military Spending I ran at Leeds University.
    * Here is a reading list for a relatively novel course on Macroeconomics I ran at Leeds University. It considered different schools of thought in economics and the way they analysed economic problems.
    * Here is a brief introduction to Marxist Economics.

    Other Information

    *Here is a pdf copy of the text of my CAAT public lecture on The globalisation of arms production and trade: Implications for the UK economy November 9th 1999.
    Here is a copy of the text of my Middlesex University inaugural lecture on The Economics of War and Peace
    Here are some biographical details


    *Here is a copy of the dataset used in the Journal of Peace Research article (a  csv file).


    Journals I am involved with:

    * Economics of Peace and Security Journal: Online journal launched Jan 2006
    Cambridge Journal of Economics.
    Defence and Peace Economics
    International Review of Applied Economics
    *Frontiers in Finance and Economics

    EPS: Economists for Peace and Security

    * US.
    * UK

    Plus some other useful links:

    *EPS (UK)
    *Defence Links
    *Bristol Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)
    *Resources for Economists
    *Intute: Social Sciences Gateway
    *Everton Football Club



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