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Economic Theory and Applications

Module Leader: J Paul Dunne

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Module handbook in pdf format is here

Notes and Exercises

Some simpler notes from a u/g course I ran on International Managerial Economics (using Mansfield's Managerial Economics are also referenced below. These may be useful as background/reminders.

Topic 1: Consumer Theory Lecture notes Exercises Other notes Background 
Topic 2: Production theory Lecture notes Exercises Background 
Topic 3: Market theory Lecture notes Exercises Background: Costs and Market  Background: Pricing 
Topic 4: Game theory and Oligopoly Lecture notes Exercises Background: Market 
Topic 5: Uncertainty
Topic 6: Macroeconomics I Lecture notes: Peter Howells Exercise Readings
Topic 7: Macroeconomics II As above Readings
Topic 8: Inflation Lecture notes Exercise Readings
Topic 9: Unemployment Lecture notes Exercise Readings
Topic 10: Economic growth Lecture notes Exercise Readings


Assessed work is here and the deadline to hand it in is 10th Jan 2008. Resit coursework is 2 questions from the January 2008 exam paper, one from section A and one from section B. See Handbook.

Mock exam paper is here
January exam paper is here


Here are some useful intermediate economics sites which contain quizzes to help with background study. Courtesy of Economics Network

Principles -sort of...

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