International Managerial Economics: UPENDK-30-3

Module leader: Paul Dunne
Lecturers: Paul Dunne, Peter Howells
Office hours for Paul Dunne:
Tuesday 10.30pm
Wednesday 12.30pm by appointment
(Email: for appointments)

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Module Handbook is here


The sessions in term 1 will develop the fundamental skills and analytical tools of managerial economics mainly using the core texts


  1. Introduction:
  2. Skills: Optimisation Notes  
  3. Demand Analysis: Theory Notes 
  4. Demand Analysis: Econometric Analysis and Applications
    Demand Analysis Notes;  Readings;  Econometrics Readings; 
    OLS Notes;  Testing Notes;  Exercises;  Another Exercise; 
  5. Corporate Finance: Risk
    Readings Notes
  6. Corporate Finance: Capital Structure: Readings as above
    Notes Seminar questions with solutions
  7. Production Analysis
    Notes1;  Notes2;  Class exercises: Mansfield chapter 7: No. 5,6,13,14.
  8. Production Analysis: Costs
    Notes  Class exercises: Mansfield chapter 9: No. 3,4,9,11.
  9. Market Structure and Behaviour
    Notes   Class exercises: Mansfield chapter 10: No. 6,9,11,16. Chapter 11: No. 1,4. Chapter 12: No. 4,6
  10. Corporate Governance and Strategy
    Notes   Class exercises: Mansfield chapter 16: No. 1,2,3,4.
  11. Pricing
    Notes   Class exercises: Mansfield chapter 13:

Information on Test: Mock test paper is here  and provisional test results are here.  
Please remember that these are provisional and have not been agreed by the exam board


The sessions in Term 2 will consider various topics in International Managerial Economics and will require students to do a presentation on a chosen topic and to prepare a report on a chosen industry.

Assessed work: This takes the form of an industry study. Details are here.

NB. You will need to agree your industry with the module leader.
  1. There are a number valuable sources of company and industry information available through the library, with Datastream the best known -contact the library for information on any courses for this year.
  2. You might find Reuters Business Insights useful. They are available through the library. Use the Quick access to electronic resources option on the the UWE library site .
  3. A lot of resources are available using your Athens password. Check the library site .

  1. Information on seminar presentations is here.

  1. Globalisation I: Readings Notes
  2. Globalisation II: Readings and notes as above
  3. Corporate GovernanceReadings Notes
  4. Finance Readings and info Notes
  5. Growth of Firms: Readings Notes
  6. Mergers and Aquisitions Readings Notes
  7. Multinational Corporations Readings Notes
  8. Foreign Direct Investment: Readings as for multinationals Notes
  9. Long Waves in Economic Development Readings


Exam paper information is here

Late Work and BBS
  1. The Library section of th BBS Student Advice Centre includes info sheets on late work, extenuating circumstances, disrupted attendance, etc.
  2. BBS Student Advisers are glad to see students who are having problems re assigments (appointments available via BBS Reception). They can't, however, confirm whether a late work or ext circs submission will be accepted. This can only be decided by the appropriate panel.

For those of you who are interested, a critical review of Managerial Economics from a Marxist perspective can be found in:
Michael Williams (1988) "Learning and Teaching Managerial Economics: A Critical Approach", Capital and Class, No. 36, Winter, pp 105-139.


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