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Maths and Stats Preparatory Course

Course Leader: Paul Dunne

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Sessions: Term 1

Session1:  Tuesday October 2nd: Room 4C23
Session 2:  Thursday October 4th: Room 4C14

Notes: The sessions provide a introduction to mathematics and statistics as preparation for the econometrics and economic theory courses. Given the limited class time we can only do a fraction of the material presented here, but the intention is to provide a useful resource that can be used as a reference over the year.

Reading List

  1. Functional relationships
  2. Finite and infinite sums
  3. Differentials
  4. Optimisation with one variable
  5. Optimisation with more than one variable
  6. Constrained Optimisation
  7. Primer on integration
  1. Basic concepts 
  2. Descriptive statistics  Example 
  3. Statistics 
  4. Correlation 
  5. Testing 
Statistics: Some more detailed notes
  1. Probability Theory
  2. Descriptive Statistics -more detailed
  3. Random Variables and Probability Distributions
  4. Sampling Distributions and Estimation
  5. Hypothesis Testing -more detailed
  6. Small Sample tests
  7. Maximum likelihood notes NB only pages 1-8 are relevant for this course

Maths and Stats refresher course: Wessam Abouarghoub
  1. Differentiation Rules
  2. Exercise 1 Answers
  3. Exercise 2 Answers
  4. Exercise 3 Answers
  5. Exercise 4 Answers


Here are some useful introductory sites which contain quizzes to help with background study. Courtesy of Economics Network

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