Ninth Annual Conference on Economics and Security


23th-25th June 2005


Keith Hartley, Director of the Centre for Defence Economics at the University of York Missing Billions: Analysing the True Costs of the Iraq War. Abstract


Popular Support and Fighting Asymmetries in a Model of Conflict,

Tomas Gonzalez, Birkbeck College Abstract


Thou shall not kill! The economics of conflict, religion and social capital

Dominic Rohner, University of Cambridge Abstract Paper

The Economic Costs of Civil Wars,

Göran Lindgren, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University Abstract Paper

A trade Institution as a Peaceful Institution: A Contribution to Integrative Theory
Raul Caruso Abstract


On joint local satisficing actions for conflict resolution: The case of the conflict in Nepal

Johan Moyersoen, Oxford University Abstract


Econometrics of Military Arms Races

Ron Smith, Birkbeck College Abstract Paper


Economic Growth and Military Expenditure

Aynur Alptekin, University of Surrey Abstract


Investment policies in advanced defense R&D programs

Oren Setter and Asher Tishler, Tel Aviv University Abstract Paper


Military Spending and Development,

Paul Dunne and Sam Perlo-Freeman

School of Economics, University of the West of England. Abstract


Military Involvement in Civic Action in Developing Countries: A Time for Reconsideration?

Geoff Harris, University of KwaZulu-Natal Abstract


Conflict and Peace in South Asia with Special Reference to India and Pakistan

Manas Chatterji, Binghamton University- New York State Abstract


Military Spending and Investment in the European Union: Some Preliminary Results

Christos Kollias, University of Thessaly and

Susana-Maria Paleologou, University of Ioannina Abstract


Military Expenditure and GDP in Middle Eastern Countries: A Panel Cointegration Approach

Julide Yildirim, Gazi University, Department of Econometrics, Ankara-Turkey,

Zeynel Abidin Ozdemir,  Cukurova University, Department of Econometrics, Adana -Turkey; Abstract


The Demand for Military Spending in Middle Eastern Countries and Turkey

Julide Yildirim Gazi University, Department of Econometrics, Ankara-Turkey;,

Selami Sezgin,  Pamukkale University, Department of Public Finance, Denizli-Turkey;

Nadir Ocal,  Middle East Technical University, Department of Economics, Ankara-Turkey Abstract


“Military Spending and Economic Growth in the Peripheral Economies of Europe: A Causal Analysis for Greece Spain and Portugal”.

Paul Dunne, UWE

Eftychia Nikolaidou, City College, Thessaloniki. Abstract


Defence Supply Transformation and Market Structures: Towards a Supply-Driven Provision

Renaud Bellais, Associate Professor, ESM St Cyr, Economic Analysis Manager, EADS France Abstract

Economics of enhanced cooperation in European defense issues

Martial Foucault, European University Institute Abstract


Risk Allocation: Theoretical and Empirical Evidence and Application to Public-Private Partnerships in the Defence Sector.

Jean-Michel OUDOT, Centre ATOM, University of Paris I Panthéon – Sorbonne Abstract Paper

Transparency in the arms industry

Eamon Surry, SIPRI Abstract: Eamon’s powerpoint slides are here and a version of his table on company reporting of arms sales can be found here and he can be reached through his SIPRI website here.


Military-University partnerships: the role of science and engineering in setting the security agenda

Chris Langley, ScienceSources Consultancy Abstract Paper

Integrators in Defence: Is There a Trade-off between Gate keeping and Innovation?

Vasilis Zervos, Nottingham University Business School , Abstract Paper


Being nice makes you attractive: the FDI – international political relationships nexus

Rodolphe Desbordes and Vincent Vicard, TEAM-University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne Abstract Paper


How Do Offset Policies Affect the International Division of Labour? The Case of the Defence Industry

Gueorgui Ianakiev, ADIS – Université Paris Sud, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris Abstract


Global strategies in aerospace offsets: impacts and forecasts  

Tim Williams, Exeter Abstract


Transformation or Stagation? The South African Defence Industry in the early 21st Century

Paul Dunne, University of West England and University of Cape Town and

Richard Haines, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and Middlesex University Business School Abstract


War, Sanctions and Economic Meltdown:  the Experience of Serbia

Derek Braddon and Jonathan Bradley, UWE Abstract