List of papers

  1. Peter Batchelor: Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva Globalisation and the South African Defence Industry Abstract Paper
  3. Renaud Bellais and Martial Foucault, CHEAr, French Defence National Agency and Universite de Paris: Leaving the ‘Acquisition Paradigm’ for Capability Based Strategy Abstract
  5. Renaud Bellais and Gilles LeBlanc, CERNA and Paris School of Mines: How Disruptive is Terrorism for Conflict Analysis Abstract Paper
  6. A Baskaran and Paul Dunne: Middlesex University Business School: UK Military Industrial Restructuring Abstract
  7. Chen Bing-Fu: Dept of Navy Financial & Material Management, Navy Logistics Academy, China : The Demand for Defence Expenditures in China: 1960-99 Abstract Paper
  8. Jurgen Brauer: Augusta State University, Atlanta, USA: Political Murder in Colombia: A Quantitative Analysis  Abstract Paper
  9. Manas Chatterji, Binghampton: The India Pakistan Conflict Abstract
  10. Neil Cooper, Plymouth University:  War Economies: The Challenges of Control and Transformation Abstract
  11. Fanny Coulomb and Jacques Fontanel: Universite Pierre Mendes, France: Terrorism and Development Abstract
  12. Saar Golde and Asher Tishler: Tel Aviv University, Israel: Security Needs and the Performance of the Defence Industry: Determining the Security Level of Countries Abstract Paper
  13. Ian Goudie, Defence & Aerospace Analysts, Glasgow: Employment Consequences of a Ban on UK Arms Exports Abstract
  14. Ruslan Grinberg: Institute of International Economic & Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow: Russia in the Post-soviet Space: Expectations, Miscalculations, Perspectives Abstract
  15. Richard Haines: University of Port Elizabeth, S Africa: Offsets and Regional Development in South Africa Abstract
  16. Ivan Ivanov: Institute of European Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences: The Russian Federation: Oil Policy and WTO Abstract Paper
  17. Richard Jolly: Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex: HumanDevelopment and Human Security - a frame for global analysis and action Paper
  18. Richard Kaufman, Director Bethesda Research Institute, US, Missile Defense Abstract
  19. Christos Kollias and Apostolos Rafailidis, TEI Larissa, and University of Patras: The Greek Defence Industry: From Pious Hope to Hard Realities: A Survey Abstract
  20. Paul Levine and Maria Garcia Alonso: University of Surrey and University of Kent at Canterbury: Market Structure, Trade and Military Procurement Paper
  21. Stanislav Menchikov, Institute of Mathematical Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences: Russia and Strategic Armaments Issues Abstract Paper
  22. Zhanna Mingaleva and Irina Mirskikh:  Perm State University, Russia: Conversion in Russia Abstract Paper
  23. Siddhartha Mitra: Consultant, NCAER, New Delhi, India: The Economic Genesis and Impact of Terrorism Abstract Paper
  24. Francisco Moraiz:University of St Andrews: Military Expenditure, Security and Economic Factors Abstract Paper
  25. Eduardo Morales-Ramos:  University of York: Defence R&D Crowding-Out at the Industry Level: The UK Case Abstract
  26. Zack Moss: Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies: Nato’s Nuclear Weapons Doctrine Abstract
  27. Alexander Nekipelov: Institute of International Economic & Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences: Russian Economy: Current Developments and Strategic Options Abstract
  28. Eftychia Nikolaidou: City University, Greece: The Demand for Military Spending in the Peripheral Economies of Europe: Greece, Portugal and Spain Abstract
  29. Nadir Ocal, Middle East Technical University, Turkey: Are the Military Expenditures of India and Pakistan External Determinants for Each Other: An Empirical Investigation Abstract
  30. Sam Perlo Freeman: Middlesex University Business School: Arms races, Military Expenditure and Political Transition in South America Abstract
  31. Angelika Rettberg: Universidad de los Andes, Colombia: The Business of Conflict and Peace in Colombia Abstract
  32. Gulay Gunluk Senesen and Selami Sezgin: Istanbul University, Turkey and Pamukkale University, Turkey: Turkey's Defence Expenditures and Debt Burden Abstract Paper
  33. Claude Serfati, C3ed, University of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines: Does Military Technology Matter?: A Reassessment at the Turn of the Century Abstract
  34. Selami Sezgin, Pamukkale University, Turkey and Julide Yıldırım: Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkey: Democracy and Military Expenditure: Cross Country Evidence Abstract Paper
  35. Jake Sherman: International Peace Academy, USA: Emerging Policies and Practices for Controlling Resource Flows to Conflict Abstract Paper
  36. Ron Smith: Birkbeck College: Concentration in the International Arms IndustryAbstract
  37. Trevor Taylor: RMCS Cranfield: The Challenges of Defining Defence Needs and Equipment Procurement: Lessons from the UK Approach Abstract
  38. Lucy Webster: ECAAR USA: Some Externality Costs of Military Alliances and Hegemonic Power Abstract
  39. Dirk Willenbockel: Middlesex University Business School: Military Spending and Growth Abstract
  40. Susan Willett: UN Institute for Disarmament Research, Geneva: Globalisation, Instability and Human Insecurity Abstract
  41. Abebe K Workneh: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ethiopia: International Business in Africa:Source of Peace or Conflict? Abstract
  42. Vasilis Zervos: University of Nottingham Business School: The Impact of SDI on the Demand for US Space Expenditures: Lessons for the Future